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About Isoletto Design

Isoletto Design is a design studio founded and run by Swedish artist and designer Sanna Jonsson. We are located in Umeå on the coast in northern Sweden and today work with pattern design for customers all over the world. Isoletto's patterns have been printed on everything from packaging and wallpaper, to clothing and textile by the meter.  

​At Isoletto Design we believe in the power of creative joy and the magic that occurs when you surround yourself with what is beautiful. For us, putting patterns on a product means loading it with something more than just its function: it's giving the product life.

In all ages, we humans have had a tradition of decorating our things with patterns of various kinds. Even if the pattern did not make the object itself more practical, people still put time and effort into making their things a little more beautiful. Why? Because it gave another value: a joy and at the same time the opportunity to tell a story. At Isoletto Design, we want to carry on that tradition!

All of Isoletto's designs are drawn by hand in our small studio and then processed and digitized in Adobe Illustrator. We work exclusively with vectorized patterns, which gives flexibility and a great opportunity to meet all our customers needs regarding color, dimensions and scale.


Feel free to visit our pattern catalog or contact us for assignments and special projects.

Welcome to Isoletto's world of patterns!


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