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Isoletto Design is a design studio created and run by the Swedish pattern designer and artist Sanna Jonsson. At Isoletto the creative joy is in focus and the desire to experiment and combine both manual and digital techniques play an important role in the design process.

Isoletto Design started as a hobby project in 2018 but has since grown and is today its own company. Isoletto Design sells both digital and physical products with their own design and creates and licenses patterns for companies and individuals worldwide.

The digital mockups originate from Sanna's childhood summers when she and her sisters spent countless rainy days drawing paper dolls - and designing clothes for them. When Sanna started designing patterns and was looking for mockups to test them on, she discovered that what she was looking for did not exist, so she created her own. 

"Patterns are my passion! For me pattern making it's the perfect mix of chaos and order, of symmetry and playfulness and I think that shows in my work as well. I'm a creative junkie, always have been, if I can't create and use my ingenuity I wither like a houseplant without water. With my designs I hope to spread joy and a little beauty to the world and hopefully inspire others to do the same!"

- Sanna